Customer Feedback

Recommend!! We had Robert replace our 1930’s toilet and sewer pipes. He was professional, clearly answered our questions, and did great work. We liked him so much, we called again when we needed to replace a failed water heater. We trusted him to work in our house while we weren’t home. He did great work, did it quickly, and with a great sense of humor. For both jobs the work was a fair price. Also, we love the toilet-shaped chocolates they give customers!

- Danielle

I highly recommend Barkley Plumbing for their high quality service and superior expertise. We had a kitchen sink installed along with a brand new garbage disposal. Robert went above and beyond to make sure the job was done correctly and in a timely fashion. We couldn’t be happier!

- Sarah

Very fast and helpful. Great service by Robert. I had a clogged drain which lead to having to remove the garbage disposal and replace the faucet. bigger job than I originally expected but everything was explained and made sense. I’d use them again.

- Michael

Great Experience! Barkley Plumbing was very helpful when my toilet was overflowing. Even though it was after-hours, Barkley Plumbing was at my house within half an hour and it was fixed in another thirty minutes. I highly recommend Barkly Plumbing…the price was reasonable and the service was friendly and professional.

- Chris

Very Thorough and efficient!! They showed up within 30 minute of being called to repair the broken pipes of our 1890’s home. They provided excellent service for a decent price, without any hidden costs. I greatly appreciated their friendly and informative way of working with us to fix the problem. I will definitely use them in the future!

- Nick

Excellent Service and Fair Pricing. Real quick and easy evaluation of the situation and fair pricing for sure. Polite service and quick response. I have and older house that needed to be updated to protect the structural integrity of my kitchen and bath. Robert was here the next day after I had called to do the work, quote the price and finish the job thanks for the excellent service and plumbing.

- Patrick

They were extremely helpful and super fast. I called for a kitchen drain/ garbage disposal, but I was having a secondary problem in my bathroom and didn’t have enough room or the right tools to get the job done. Robert took care of it at the same time for free! I highly suggest calling Ball if you have a plumbing need.

- Brandy